Craft and Biodiversity

Conserving Ecologies

Exhibition at Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh until 20th March.

My favourite works in the exhibition are Fiona Byrne-Suttons simple and textural bowls. She digs up the clay from Clackmannanshire and Glasgow and then impresses her vessels with plantlife. They look like they have been hewn straight out of the ground.

And I love Jenny Popes work, collections of porcelain objects based on the wide variety of different shapes and structures of bone in nature. As someone who loves collections and Museums they really appeal to me.

I spent a fantastic day at the Symposium that Craft Scotland organised in conjunction with the exhibition. It was a very interesting day with key note speakers from craft and science backgrounds. Of particular interest to me was Dr Max Coleman from The Royal Botanic Gardens talking about the way people react to craft, express opinions and ask questions, that craft can bring people into debates and was “a way to engage people with the core work the gardens do through a more approachable medium”

We also had a number of break out sessions where issues to do with craft, biodiversity and sustainability where discussed and we got to go round the exhibition with the makers and ask questions about the work.

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