Bronze Sand Casting.

Had a great couple of weeks doing a mini project with the Level 2 the brief was to design a Medal. We covered several types of modelling, wax and milliput to make the masters. Some basic casting techniques, cuttlefish casting with lead free pewter and the delft casting system which I have wanted to try for a while. Its actually a really good system for small workshops to produce one off castings. I videoed the processes and will be posting the results once I have edited them.

The final Medals where to be produced by Sand Casting in Bronze with the expert help of Roddy Mathieson who is not only a Technician at DJCAD but an Artist and Sculptor and runs The Mobile Foundry, we poured the Bronze on Thursday 18 kilos of it!! I was pretty nervous as I helped Roddy with the pour.

The slide show below was the process of making the moulds and casting them.

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This is the video of the pour :) captured on my video camera by one of the second years Lucie Hunter.

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