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7 days of djcad Degree Show Favs – 4 Merlin Planterose

Merlin Planterose jeweller and silversmith her work is based on the isolation and nature of The Highlands where she is from.  The main feature of her Degree Collection are raised silver vessels formed by “found” tools such as rocks and made on location in the Highlands. The idea behind this is to create a piece that reflects the harsh rugged nature of its surroundings. She also made a beautiful delicate range of jewellery using simple rounded forms, some with hidden compartments in them and handmade chain.

The way that she uses stones to form and texture the silver creates a beautiful, subtle surface texture and literally turns silver into stone.

Catwalk Crazy

Been a while since I’ve put anything up. A bit of a busy semester, programme review, new modules to write, dissertations to mark, last week we did the assessments for Level 2 and 3 and the Degree Show is up on Monday!!

More about the Degree Show later. For now some more of the work done by the Jewellery and Metal Design Level 2, who I am pleased to say all passed their module last week! This is a selection of the work produced for the Catwalk project early this year which has been on display in the JMD corridor until recently. The project is a chance to produce large scale work, experiment with different materials and generally go a little nuts :)

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Bronze Sand Casting.

Had a great couple of weeks doing a mini project with the Level 2 the brief was to design a Medal. We covered several types of modelling, wax and milliput to make the masters. Some basic casting techniques, cuttlefish casting with lead free pewter and the delft casting system which I have wanted to try for a while. Its actually a really good system for small workshops to produce one off castings. I videoed the processes and will be posting the results once I have edited them.

The final Medals where to be produced by Sand Casting in Bronze with the expert help of Roddy Mathieson who is not only a Technician at DJCAD but an Artist and Sculptor and runs The Mobile Foundry, we poured the Bronze on Thursday 18 kilos of it!! I was pretty nervous as I helped Roddy with the pour.

The slide show below was the process of making the moulds and casting them.

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This is the video of the pour :) captured on my video camera by one of the second years Lucie Hunter.