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Born in Leeds I grew up with parents who loved to make things and grow things. They passed these passions on to me and I took them to Dundee where I studied Jewellery and Metalwork at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design. Where I gained undergraduate and masters degree qualifications. Setting up a studio at WASPS Dundee in 1998 I have been making jewellery ever since. In 2012 I moved to Edinburgh and was lucky enough to get a studio at Coburg House Studios in Leith.

I create jewellery inspired by natural textures and forms, the dripping seeds from trees, clusters of berries, flowering vines and blooming buds. Some pieces are lifelike representations of nature others have a more fantastical quality. My aim is to capture the delicate textures and shapes of nature in metal. After studying natural forms, by drawing and photographing them. I take shapes and textures I find interesting and translate them into designs for jewellery and other objects.

My more experimental work is made using silver clay, which takes texture exceptional well and is perfect for organic forms. I can also make structures for neckpieces, earrings, bangles and brooches out of wire, steel, silver or 18ct gold, onto which I model organic forms with the clay. This means I can create entire pieces without soldering.

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Hand modelling in silver clay lends itself extremely well to recreating natural forms and giving my jewellery an organic feel. It is however a relatively costly material and hand-modelling is time consuming which make pieces expensive. To make my work more affordable I hand model master patterns in metal clay which are then cast in multiples enabling me to make work quicker.

I have developed two production collections, based on my more experimental work, these are more wearable and affordable ranges. Pieces are cast to my design by Jewellery Casting Scotland in Kintyre and then constructed and finished by me in my studio in Leith. All work in precious metals is hallmarked by the Assay Office in Edinburgh.

The Pod Collection is inspired by the form and texture of seedpods and is an affordable range of production jewellery made in bronze and silver. These metals are combined with lustrous fresh water pearls, textured stones such as lava and the subtle earthy colours of Jasper to produce beautiful jewellery. Retail prices start at £25 for bronze pieces and go up to £300 for larger silver work.

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The Texture Collection takes inspiration from trees, the texture of their bark and the grain of their woods. I have simplified and abstracted these patterns to create rugged textures. This forms the basis of a cast silver production range. The textured silver is oxidised, polished or plated in 22ct Gold and combined with fresh water pearls. Prices start at £40 and go up to £200 for work plated in 22ct Gold.

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I also create bespoke pieces to commission. If you love my style of work and wish to commission a piece.

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