Bud earrings and necklace made with silver clay

I have experimented with many different metalworking techniques to achieve an organic quality in my work. During my degree I investigated casting from nature, photo-etching and roller-printing to produce natural texture. During this time my tutor Anne Marie Shillito introduced me to a new material called Precious Metal Clay. Developed by metallurgists at Mitsubishi Precious Metals in Japan in the early nineties. Precious Metal Clay comprises of minute particles of precious metal suspended in an organic binder and water. The material handles just like ceramic clay making it very easy to form using few tools. The water evaporates as it dries and during firing the organic binder burns away and the metal particles fuse together, so the piece becomes pure metal.

My bespoke and exhibition work is made using silver clay. I make structures for neckpieces, earrings, bangles and brooches out of wire (steel, silver or 18ct gold) onto which I model forms of seeds and flowers with the clay. This means I can create entire pieces without soldering.

Buds Necklace, silver clay and lava.
Flower pins, silver wire, silver clay and 18ct yellow gold sheet..
Flower studs, silver clay and 18ct gold wire.

Silver Clay is really easy to use because it is so soft. Making it the perfect material for beginners. Silver jewellery can be produced using very few tools and with no previous experience. I teach a range of Silver Clay workshops both at my studios and at other colleges and schools for details of upcoming workshops click below