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7 days of djcad Degree Show Favs – 7 Lorri Smyth

My final fav Textiles graduate Lorri Smyth fantastic use of scrap oriented strand board (OSB) and plywood to make surface pattern, wall pieces and furniture. She has a fantastic blog which takes you through her inspiration, sampling and the whole process of making her Degree Collection.

I just love the colour palette she uses and I have always had a soft spot for OSB as I love the texture of it.


7 days of djcad Degree Show Favs – 5 Sarah Johnston

Today Fine Art student Sarah Johnston her artist statement on the djcad 2011 Degree Show site just says “What’s red and smells like blue paint? Red paint.”

Irreverent and humorous her work concerns the use of internet forums as a way of coping with the unspoken anxieties experienced in daily life.


7 days of djcad Degree Show Favs – 2 Daniel Cook

Daniel Cook , Fine Art, I really like this show, especially the large photograph on the stairs. He says in his artists statement that his work “focuses on engaging the ambiguity between reality and fiction”. His photographs have an eerie quality, there is something not quite right about the images but you can’t quite work out which parts of them are real and which are not.